FSS was founded in 2012 as a company creating applications for the AppStore.

We were one of the first companies in Poland that successfully released Appstore products and we are responsible for the first mobile Electronic Program Guide ( Telemaniak ) and one of the first interactive remotes (XBMC constellation).

After a series of successes of our applications, we have been noticed by the maritime industry (production and refit of world’s most expensive superyachts in the world). Since then, we build the most intelligent media center and yacht control.

Open yourself to the opportunities, take an advantage of our many years of knowledge and experience.

We will do everything – except the time machine;)

Experienced team

Modern approach


Wide range of technologies

Real IT enthusiasts


Dawid Kuboszek
CEO, Founder

Rafał Drąg
CTO, Founder

Radosław Kuboszek
CFO, Founder

Sławomir Bienia
Senior full stack developer

Bartosz Ptasznik

Martyna Mylak
Full stack developer

Ireneusz Białek
Senior full stack developer

Ryszard Korczyk
Embedded Systems Specialist

Dariusz Howaniec
Full stack developer

Paweł Kukułka
Marketing department

Damian Kuboszek
SEO & Ads

Szymon Pawlik
Content delivery & SEO