About FSS

Professional IT solutions since 2011

Next-level technology

FSS was founded in 2011 by experienced software developers Dawid Kuboszek and Rafał Drąg. We were one of the first app development companies in Poland and are responsible for the first mobile Electronic Program Guide (Telemaniak) and one of the world’s first interactive remotes (XBMC constellation). 

After a series of successes in our applications, the FSS team were noticed by the luxury maritime industry in 2016. We were commissioned to create the superyacht world’s first intelligent media centre and yacht control platform, taking the market by storm. 

Since then, we have welcomed more than 30 dedicated IT professionals to the FSS team, offering our clients a wide range of professional IT services and a dedication to innovation at our core. 

Working with FSS

Open to challenges by nature, we undertake unusual projects, often entering where others give up. We base our competence not only on theoretical knowledge but on many years of combined experience, always allowing us to reach for unconventional solutions.

  • We’re not afraid of challenging projects
  • We always use the best practice possible  
  • Our track record speaks for itself: we have never failed at project delivery, with no single client ever resigning mid-process

The FSS IT experts

Meet the team

The FSS team is comprised of more than 30 experienced IT professionals and technicians.