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Cloud computing is the availability of system resources (on demand), mainly data storage and computing power, without direct active administration by the user. This term is used to describe data centers which are available to all users over the internet.

Aplikacje mobilne

Mobile app development is a process by which a mobile app is created for any mobile device. By mobile device we mean smartphones / smart TV’s. One of key parts of the development process is mobile user interface (UI), another essential thing in the creation of mobile apps is design. Mobile UI take into consideration constraints, screen, contexts, inputs, and mobility. User is often the focus of interaction with device, and the interface entails components of both software and hardware. To develop mobile apps to for clients we make usage on the following technology:
Swift (iOS) Kotlin (Android)


IoT solutions provide new chances for your business. Bringing the offline world to online web with IoT applications helps you collect more data, gain greater insights into your own performance, and finally save time and money. Aside
from improving business processes, connected devices also can boost customer loyalty by making people’s daily life more suitable, safer, and salubrious . This in return, increases your revenue.

PCB plan and design
UI UX and mobile apps integrated
Product and production planning

Rozwiązania biznesowe IT

One of the greatest needs in today’s business is providing software solutions.
This can involve developing completely new systems or moderating already existing ones, working as a team responsible for analysis and design, construction, testing, and maintenance.
This area changes quickly making it fundamental to keep on top of the newest developments in the industry to maintain the best customer service.

Leasing HR

We know that delivering the right set of skills is the main reason that impacts successful delivery of projects.
We ensure highest proficiency and standards represented by our team throughout a comprehensive interview of process, skill set evaluation scheme, development programmes and credible references.
Employee leasing
Project leasing
Team outsourcing