Rozwiązania biznesowe IT

One of the greatest needs in today’s business landscape is providing innovative software solutions. This can involve developing completely new systems or moderating already existing ones. This is a rapidly evolving area, making it fundamental to keep on top of the latest developments in the industry to maintain ahead of the competition. 

The FSS team deliver a broad scope of IT business solutions, including analysis and design, construction, testing, and maintenance.


A team of 30+ IT and computer specialists


Proudly maintaining a 100% delivery rate


Custom IT business solutions for your company

Designing luxury technology


FSS closely collaborates with one of the superyacht industry’s most prestigious technology companies on a wide range of innovative products, providing professional IT business solutions that make YachtCloud stand out in the exclusive world of luxury technology.

YIS is just one of the products that demonstrate the FSS’ team expertise in their field. Designed to fit every yacht owner’s needs, YIS by YachtCloud stands out for its dynamic user interface and easy integration on existing hardware and interfaces. YIS is the 21st Century yacht infotainment system.” – Andre Klepper – Founder, YachtCloud.

Roel van der Zwet – Business Manager, YachtCloud